Growing your podcast audience isn't just "a difficult task."

It would be an understatement deserving of public ridicule to say that growing a podcast's listenership is difficult. "Difficult" is too weak a word. Growing a podcast's listenership is so hard that out of 4M podcasts, only about 700K are still producing episodes with any regularity - that's an 82.5% dropout rate. That's not just difficult, it's bordering on damn near impossible.

And yet, how many times have you heard that "word-of-mouth is the #1 way to grow an audience"?

For years, "podcast experts" have lauded the value of word-of-mouth discovery of great podcasts, insisting that "that's how good podcasts get discovered." But anyone with any sense knows that word-of-mouth only creates meaningful impact once an initial amount of discovery has already taken place. And we podcasters know, for a fact, that "initial amount of discovery" ain't easy to grow.

An audience growth strategy requires just three things:

Supplemental, indexable content to drive organic referrals.

Audio isn't (yet) indexed by Google, and podcasts themselves do not rank well in SERPs. Organic discovery of your podcast therefore relies on content which is "in addition to" the podcast itself. Podcasters must therefore do more than they already do - a daunting proposition that drives podfade.

A consistent, but very selective, social media presence.

The discoverability of content through hashtags and trending topics forces us to believe we need to be everywhere everyday lest we miss out on potential new listeners. We need to be there, but we do not need to be omnipresent and we do not need to dedicate hours of each day to it.

Highly targeted, and carefully executed ad campaigns.

Organic discovery is free, but building the body of work necessary for it to move mountains takes years. Eventually organic trumps paid, but not in the beginning, and certainly not for those first few thousand new subscribers. Paid approaches keep us growing while our organic content is earning clout.

But doesn't it also need good content?

"Good" is pretty subjective. What you need is "relevant" content. As in, relevant to the interests of the individuals who find your podcast. Potential listeners care a lot more about the relevancy of your content to their interests and opinions than they do the level of "good" it is (or isn't) as judged by the masses. That doesn't mean you should have shit content, but it means when your podcast fails to grow it's very unlikely to be because your content is objectively bad. Instead, it's very likely to be that you're unable to find your relevant audience.

And that is precisely what this course teaches you how to do: reach your relevant audience, easily and affordably, so you can grow your listenership consistently.